Back to the Beautiful (2017)

Inspired by the Saalach river as both a site of natural beauty and potential border tension, Back to the Beautiful (Cellar) layers poetic and political video images, participatory encounters with the audience, and moments of live performance around the contradictory motifs of borders and beauty.  While grounded in the Saalach, this participatory performative installation also incorporates images and resonances from other sites of border anxiety globally.  Back to the Beautiful  (Cellar) was created by Sandra Chatterjee and Cynthia Ling Lee, in part through Borders Resurfacing, a long distance creative exchange on bodies, borders and migration by the Post Natyam Collective.

Concept, Interaction, Performance, and Design: Sandra Chatterjee and Cynthia Ling Lee with long distance contributions from Shyamala Moorty and Meena Murugesan

Sound Design: Varsha Dewan

Video Design: Meena Murugesan

Videography: Sandra Chatterjee, Irina Dannenberg, Varsha Dewan, Cynthia Ling Lee, Meena Murugesan

Back to the Beautiful (Cellar) was commissioned for a larger event entitled “Back to the Beautiful: Participatory and Performative Actions in Three Rooms.”  The event involved artistic interventions and talks by Sandra Chatterjee, Nikita Dhawan, Stefan Kaegi, Cynthia Ling Lee, Marissa Lobo, Post Natyam Collective, Tomaž Simatović, and Tomaž Tomljanović.

BACK TO THE BEAUTIFUL ist das kollektive Kurationsprojekt des ersten Jahrgangs des Universitätslehrgangs ‚Kuratieren in den szenischen Künsten’ (Paris Lodron Universität Salzburg /Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München) in Kooperation mit der SZENE Salzburg und dem Kooperationsschwerpunkt ‚Wissenschaft & Kunst’.

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