ruddha (rude, huh?) (2007)

What if two different dance forms, American postmodern dance and North Indian classical kathak, were to argue and converse with each other rather than fusing into a harmonious whole? ruddha (rude, huh?) is a series of “false translations” of traditional kathak compositions, where North Indian rhythmic syllables transform into nonsensical English gossip, and idiosyncratic postmodern movement suddenly shifts into classical kathak. The work careens between classical and street aesthetics to reveal the friction, dialogue, and humorous misunderstandings inherent to cultural collision.

choreography, text, and performance: Cynthia Ling Lee
based on traditional kathak compositions learned from Bandana Sen and Anjani Ambegaokar

Compromised Interpretation (2009)
blood run (2016)
s k i n (2010)
SUNOH! Tell Me, Sister (2011)