SUNOH! Tell Me, Sister (2011)

Blending multimedia storytelling and contemporary Indian dance theater, this evening-length work brings to life women’s stories of being silenced, finding voice and sisterly community. SUNOH! Tell Me, Sister draws on the histories of the dancer-courtesan of the Indian subcontinent, stories of contemporary South Asian domestic violence survivors, and the performers’ personal struggles with tradition. This multidisciplinary work emerged from the Post Natyam Collective’s internet-based creative process and community work with AWAZ, the South Asian Network’s support group for survivors of sexual and domestic violence.

choreography: Cynthia Ling Lee and Shyamala Moorty with contributions from Anjali Tata and Sandra Chatterjee
multimedia design: Carole Kim
original music: Loren Nerell and Ravindra Deo
dramaturgy: Mona Heinze
dance-media collaborator: Sangita Shresthova
technical direction and lighting design: Kedar Lawrence
community partner: South Asian Network’s AWAZ
performers: Cynthia Ling Lee and Shyamala Moorty
running time: 75 minutes

Note: SUNOH! Tell Me, Sister may be performed as a duet or a trio, and some sections may be performed as stand-alone pieces.

video excerpts:
electronic press-kit: SUNOHpresskit_epk.pdf

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