I longed to go back to the beginning… (2008)

A contemporary kathak investigation of sam in North Indian rhythmic tradition. Sam means “to conjoin or come together,” and refers to the moment where the first and last beats of the metrical cycle merge, where musical tension is released and begins again, where union and loss coalesce. Ranging from minimal lyricism to full-throttle physicality, the movement vocabulary integrates kathak’s fluid arm movements and intricate rhythms with western dance’s spatial expansiveness, interactive touch, and full-throttle physicality.

choreography: Cynthia Lee in collaboration with the dancers
music composition: Ravindra Deo and Derrick Spiva, Jr.
dancers: Sheetal Gandhi, Cynthia Lee, Shyamala Moorty
musicians: cellist, tabla player, and drone

Note: The work may be performed with live musicians or recorded music.  The clarinet part on the video excerpt has been re-orchestrated for cello.

Ranri (widow/courtesan) (2011)
not two not one (2010)
Back to the Beautiful (2017)
Counting the Moons (2006)