photo: Miyuki Baker

“blood run” at the United States of Asian America Festival (20 May 2017)

Part ritual, part performance art, part colonial history inscribed on the body, blood run investigates Cynthia Ling Lee’s Han Chinese colonizer and Taiwanese plains indigenous heritages within the context of larger political histories. Combining multimedia, dance, ...
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photo: Alison Leaf

“Lost Chinatowns” at Gutsy Series, Berkeley CA (11 Dec 2016)

I performed material from my project, “Lost Chinatowns,” at the Gutsy Series: Sunday Supper in Berkeley.  “Lost Chinatowns” explores the destruction and historical erasure of Santa Cruz’s Chinatowns from 1860-1955.  In the performance, I build and dismantle sculptural ...
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“blood run” lecture-performance at Stanford University (1 Dec 2016)

As part of the Stanford Colloquium on Dance Studies, I will present a lecture-performance based on my solo show, blood run, to investigate the relationship between migration, indigeneity, and settler-colonialism.   blood run investigates my Han Chinese colonizer and Taiwanese plains indigenous ...
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photo: Jorge Vismara

Paper at CORD/SDHS, Pomona College, CA (3-6 Nov 2016)

I presented a paper entitled "Decolonizing a 'Contemporary' Technique Curriculum?" at the CORD/SDHS Conference at Pomona College, Pomona CA, from November 3-6, 2016.  The paper was part of an organized panel with Ana Paula Hofling and Katya Wesolowski ...
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Photo: Crystal Birns

“Lost Chinatowns” at Looking Left, Santa Cruz CA (14-5 Oct 2016)

As part of Looking Left/Dance In Unlikely Places, an evening of site-specific works on the grounds of Santa Cruz's historic City Hall, I performed material from my newest project, "Lost Chinatowns."  "Lost Chinatowns" explores the destruction and historical erasure of ...
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photography: Darial Sneed

“rapture/rupture” at Swarthmore College (1 Oct 2016)

It was an honor to perform "rapture/rupture" at my alma mater for "Making Change for Better Communities Through Dance," an event commemorating the contributions of Swarthmore College's beloved long-time director of dance, Sharon Friedler.  Directed by Shyamala ...
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New Job at UC Santa Cruz!

I'm delighted to be joining the Theatre Arts Department at UC Santa Cruz as a tenure-track assistant professor of dance starting fall 2016.  I look forward to being near the Pacific in striking distance of my biological ...
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photography: Darial Sneed

“rapture/rupture” at Erasing Borders Dance Festival, New York City (13 Aug 2016)

It was my pleasure to perform “rapture/rupture" at the Erasing Borders Dance Festival at the Schimmel Center in New York City on August 13, 2016.  Directed by Shyamala Moorty with dramaturgy by Sandra Chatterjee and music by ...
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