Part Thief, Part Disciple (2010)

This discipline-breaking collaboration between dancer-choreographer Cynthia Ling Lee and pianist-composer David Cutler combines music and movement in unconventional ways. North Indian rhythms transform into nonsensical English slang, a classical pianist turns into an unruly comic-book super-hero, and the line between dancer and musician becomes increasingly blurred throughout the course of the evening. The diverse works of the program cross cultural as well as disciplinary borders, with unique vocabularies that draw on the traditions of North Indian classical kathak, American postmodern dance, jazz music, and western contemporary classical music.

This show was made possible with generous support from Taipei Artist Village, Kuandu Arts Festival, Duquesne University, and the Swarthmore Project: Time and Space to Make Work.

Press kit: partthiefpartdisciple_epk.pdf

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