Nine-Patch (2009)

A collaboration with jazz/new music composer David Cutler. Veering between in-your-face funk, explosive extremes, and poignant gestures, Cutler composes wildly new harmonies, melodies, and textures based on traditional kathak rhythms. Meanwhile, Lee plays a dancing trickster who gleefully engages in cultural identity theft, shape-shifting between different gendered characters and movement vocabularies while staying impeccably in time.

choreography and dance performance: Cynthia Ling Lee
music composition: David Cutler
Based on traditional kathak compositions learned from Anjani Ambegaokar and Bandana Sen.
Note: The work may be performed as an ensemble piece for one dancer and four musicians (piano, bass, drumset, timekeeper), for one dancer and Pierrot ensemble, or a duet for dance and piano.

photo: Miyuki Baker
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