photo: Miyuki Baker

blood-run (2016)

Part ritual, part performance art, part colonial history inscribed on the body, blood run investigates my Han Chinese colonizer and Taiwanese ...
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photo: Laura Bernstein

Accordion Suits for Commutes (2014)

Six dancers in business suits connected by accordion pleats careen, spiral, and bellow through downtown Greensboro. Commissioned by visual artist ...
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8590813915_47d73b77be_o_photo by Michelle Magalong

Super Ruwaxi: Origins (2014)

In Super Ruwaxi: Origins, the Good Little Confucian Girl discovers her super-identity as the Hairy Arm-pitted Feminist, armed with magical ...
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Cyber Chat Series (2009-2013)

These dance-for-camera shorts, created entirely using internet technologies, take inspiration from the Post Natyam Collective’s use of SKYPE to connect ...
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photo: Justin Tornow

rapture/rupture (2013)

The intimate and bittersweet rapture of poetic love-in-separation is reinterpreted through cultural and gendered difference in this contemporary abhinaya (emotional ...
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rubix (2012)

Both playful and abstract, this quartet investigates resonances between Indian classical dance’s spatial geometry and ang (lines of the body) ...
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photo: Michael Burr

Ranri (widow/courtesan) (2011)

Combining contemporary abhinaya (emotional expression in Indian dance), intimate video projection, poetic text, and haunting electro-Hindustani music, Ranri (widow/courtesan) evokes ...
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Mixed Bag (2011)

Oriental dolls, dominatrix gurus, helpless victims, and mail-order brides duke it out in a satirical world where nothing is sacred ...
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photo: Michael Burr

Learning to Walk Like Radha (2011)

A talking dancer negotiates a really long piece of cloth while humorously commenting on the conflicts she experienced as a ...
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