“blood run” screening at World Dance Alliance Global Summit, St. John’s Newfoundland (26 Jul 2017)

My film, “blood run,” will be screened at the World Dance Alliance Global Summit at Memorial University in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada as part of their Digital Dance Concert.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017, 9-11 am

World Dance Alliance Global Summit

Memorial University

MED IM101 Faculty of Medicine

blood run investigates my Han Chinese colonizer and Taiwanese plains indigenous heritage within the context of larger political histories. Combining experimental video, movement research, and poetic text, the work asks: “What is the difference between an immigrant and a colonizer?” “How do the colonizer and colonized live inside the same body?”  This film, generated as part of a larger evening-length production, combines poetic autobiographical musings with ritualized physical actions and evocative imagery of ash, stones, and blood.  The materials, objects, and actions accrue multiple layered meanings, as the artist asks questions about survival and disappearance in relation to her hidden indigenous heritage.   blood run asks what hidden histories are contained in the body, while poignantly acknowledging the impossibility of fully reclaiming what has been lost.

ruddha (rude, huh?) (2007)
Lost Chinatowns (in process)
Nine-Patch (2009)
Counting the Moons (2006)